The Scottish Emergency Management Agency is an agency of the Department of Disaster Management and Relief responsible for Planning, Preparing, Response and Recovery for natural and man made disasters. The Director of the Scottish Emergency Management Agency is in charge of this Agency.


Provincial Response and Recovery Division- The Provincial Response and Recovery Divisions is split into 11 units, one for each of the provinces of the Republic of Scotland. Each unit provides Emergency Response and Recovery aid and support to their province during and after disasters.

National Security Division- This division provides grant management received from government departments and from donations.

  • Office of Infrastructure Protection coordinates at all government levels to ensure that the critical Infrastructure in the Country is adequately secured against attack or disaster.

Information Analysis, Watch, and Warning Division- provides structure, guidance and funding to the Republic of Scotland Terrorism Threat Assessment System, which encompasses the National Terrorism Threat Assessment Centre.

The Office of Administrative Services is responsible for providing administrative, financial, human resources, facility operations management, labour relations, and business services to the agency. The office is divided into Four areas:

The Fiscal Services Division has program responsibility over the Accounting Branch, Accounts Receivable and Debt Collection Branch, and Budget and Fiscal Analysis Branch. This division has all fiscal responsibilities within the agency. The division builds the Directors Budget, processes payments for all local assistance and National operations, builds and manages program budget allotments, directly assists programs with fiscal information related to expenditures and projections.

The Human Resources Branch (HR) is divided into three sections: Personnel Office, Labour Relations Office, and Recruitment and Selection Services (RSS). Responsibilities include labour relations, classification and pay, payroll and benefits, workers' compensation, reasonable accommodations, recruitment, and examinations.

The Grants Monitoring Division (GMD) is divided into two branches which are responsible for monitoring emergency management, National security, and law enforcement and victim services grants to ensure grant expenditures fully comply with applicable regulations and requirements.

The Procurement and Logistical Services Branch consists of the Procurement and Property Control Section and the Business Services Section.

Agencies Scottish Emergency Management Agency:

  • Bureau of Crises Prevention and Recovery
  • Centre for Domestic Preparedness
  • Emergency Communications Centre
  • Emergency Control Centre
  • Incident Command System
  • National Disaster Management Authority
  • National Disaster Medical System
  • National Incident Management System
  • National Response Coordination Centre
  • Operator Assistance Centre
  • Scottish Severe Weather Warning Service
  • Strategic National Stockpile

Emergency Response Teams:

  • Disaster Assistance Response Team
  • Disaster Mortuary Operations Response Team
  • Disaster Preparedness and Response Team
  • Mobile Emergency Response Support
  • National Disaster Response Force
  • Urban Search and Rescue Task Force
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