The Republic of Scotland is an independent country in the northern part of the British Isles. The Republic of Scotland is 1,827 miles Squared and has a population of just over 2 and a half million people. The Republic of Scotland is slit into 11 provinces, 3 Municipalities, 5 Autonomous Counties, 11 Overseas Provinces, 14 Overseas Autonomous Counties and 18 Overseas Dependencies. The Edinburgh is the capital of the Republic of Scotland and its also the home of the Government of the country. The Republic of Scotland has a presidential Parliamentary form of Government. The Republic of Scotland declared its independence on August the 14th year one. It was one of the first countries to be formed after The Event.

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Executive Branch

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Legislative Branch

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Judicial Branch

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Local Administrative Regions

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Health care in Scotland is provided by the Department of Health’s NHS Scotland, Scotland's public health care system. This was founded by the National Health Service Act. The current Cabinet head for health is the Secretary for Health.

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International Organisations:

World Trade Organisation

Commonwealth of Independent States

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